Spicy Caterpillar Roll

Finally I got out to a sushi place! Kami mixes traditional with modern in both its atmosphere and food options. Come hungry and ready to take your shoes off! They have modernized Japanese seating where you still take your shoes off but there is a well in the floor so you aren’t sitting cross legged. There is sushi bar seating in case shoes off isn’t part of your plan. The portions are western sized. I am typically a soup, salad, and two roll type of diner but the size of these portions had me downsizing. Our dinner also came with two mini desserts for each person (even the kids got an ice cream scoop) so I was glad I went small. If you are a spicy enthusiast, they have plenty options available to feed that need. Not feeling like sushi? That’s okay, there are several traditional Okinawan dishes on the menu as well. They do not have a dedicated kids menu but you will find French fries, chicken nuggets, and yakitori on the menu to suit the younger, non-sushi curious pallets. Its proximity to American Village makes it a great option to round out your weekend shopping adventure.

  • Name: Kami Sushi Bar
  • Location: Chatan near the Hilton
  • Hours: Wednesday – Monday Lunch 11AM – 2PM; Dinner 5 – 10:30PM. Closed Tuesdays.
  • Parking Suggestion: Bring a small car! Their parking lot is tiny and you will need to double park then move as other parties come and go. Do NOT park in the money exchange or laundry service lot, towing is strictly enforced.
  • Bonus Info: They do take credit card. They have child seats available. They have kid friendly service ware but no dedicated kid’s menu. This could be a good place for your next group outing because they have some semi-private room options.

The roll menu

8 piece nigiri

Eel cucumber roll