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Foodie Friday: Introduction

I realized the other day that I have been your Foodie Friday go-to for almost a year now and I have never properly introduced myself! I often get asked, from people who know me beyond the web, “Soooooooo how is it that a former Navy pilot turned Life/Leadership Coach as a Marine spouse decided to […]

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Foodie Friday: Travel Edition 5!

Before all of the travel restrictions and quarantine measures, I traveled to Florida for my cousin’s wedding. The first thing my dad said to me when he was done giving me a welcome-home-hug was “I’ve got a place we’ve got to try for your food blog.” I was beyond excited to know that not only […]

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Foodie Friday: Travel Edition 4!

Full disclosure, the food pics for this one won’t be featured in any food magazine any time soon. That’s actually part of the beauty of this place. I have been eating at Casey’s as far back as I can remember and it is still the hands-down best burger in my home town of Vero Beach, […]

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Foodie Friday: Travel Edition 2!

Some friends and I recently visited Jeju Island, South Korea. We read a book, The Island of Sea Women, that inspired us to check out the beautiful island the author described. After three days of running, hiking, shopping, and eating delicious local cuisines, we decided to get serious. Serious about desserts!!! Every search engine and […]

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Foodie Friday: Travel Edition!

We needed a break from the Okinawa heat and Queenstown, New Zealand was just what the doctor ordered! Snowboarding, skiing, horseback riding, gravity carting, boating, and walking miles everyday in the crisp mountain air certainly worked up our appetites. We tried many tasty eateries, from crepe carts to Michelin star hideaways, but this little place […]

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