Timeless Chocolate

Up a random staircase many of which fill American Village that lead to different adventures of areas to explore you can find many exciting new things that you were unaware of.  Up one such staircase, tucked away in a corner with a seemingly small door with an “Open” sign above, one would certainly anticipate to be for looks only, but once opened you would be immediately welcomed with the smell of some of the most alluring chocolates that you can get in Okinawa. 

Japanese chocolate is usually on the less sweater side, but in Timeless Chocolate you can experience some in local made chocolate that represents the experience that other countries style.  Outright you could select between four different countries and experience their side of culture.  Not for the sweet chocolate lovers, but this place is meant for the more daring, specifically the ones that prefer a bitter style chocolate.  The sweetest (if you can even call it that) is from Ghana and Vietnam which have a 70% cacao bean.  These one offers a slight bitter flavor, while still having some sweetest to tame it.  Next you can try the Indonesian chocolate which is a 72% cacao bean and brings a bit more bitterness to light.  Lastly you have the Colombian chocolate and has an 82% cacao bean, this means it is bitter with a sweetness that you probably would barely be able to detect.  You can be the daring few that gets the taster box so you can try all of them or buy them in bars.  They even give samples before you buy it.  This place does not only sell chocolate, but merely the opportunity to experience this chocolate on a different level.  They still have cacao tea, fruit juice, soda smoothie, frappe smoothie and more.  Give this place a try for a new experience and you won’t be disappointed as you sit on the balcony enjoying your cacao frappe.