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Mission: The Marine Gift Shop (MGS) exists to sell various products from local and overseas businesses in order to contribute the profits to Okinawan and American charitable organizations and USMC dependent scholarships.

Vision: To be the place of choice in Okinawa to connect volunteers, employees, vendors and shoppers with opportunities that contribute to local charitable organizations. 

We have 3 types of Volunteers:

Why Volunteer?


Former President Dale DePue had this to say about Volunteering at MGS:

Even before the first time I arrived in Okinawa in January 2012, a friend had already recommended I check out the Marine Gift Shop (MGS) to not only shop but to volunteer. I still remember the smiling, bubbly personality, who was the Personnel Manager at the time, greeting me and helping me sign-up to volunteer on the spot. She exuded fun and after a challenging, first overseas PCS, I needed some fun, so I signed on the dotted line.

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Former Vice President Tracy Steele talks about MGS :

Since living in Okinawa, I have become familiar with the term ‘strategic volunteering’ – using volunteer work to gain professional experience in a career field. At first, I did not feel this pertained to me since I personally chose my volunteer roles through where my heart led me and not specifically to acquire skills for employment. But little did I know that all along, I have been purposefully volunteering by choosing what I am passionate about and have gained professional skills in those areas. And guess what – if you volunteer, you are doing just the same!

FIND Tracy’s Full MGS Volunteer to Job Offer Story HERE! 


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