Last week was our HUGE Vietnam opening! If you came into the store you probably saw an abundance of volunteers wearing the same shirt- with a smile on their face!

The Marine Gift Shop is primarily run by volunteers, with only 4 paid staff employees..the volunteers are the backbone of the shop!! The Marine Gift Shop is always looking for more volunteers – the dedicated volunteers help with everything! Unloading the truck when a new shipment comes in, unpacking the shipment  (which I promise is more like opening gifts on Christmas as we all ohh and awww over items unwrapped), tagging all the items that you see on the floor when you come in, decorating the floor – yes decorating! Who doesn’t love to reorganize? And with amazing merchandise to boot! There are so many behind the scenes fun things to take advantage of.

Volunteering at the Marine Gift Shop is not all just for fun either, there are rewards! Yes.. you read that right, rewards!! Twice a year there is a Volunteer Appreciation Party – where you are the guest! I can’t give away ALL the fun details..but lets say, its pretty amazing and there may be some awesome gifts! To be eligible for the Volunteer Appreciation party- all you need to do, is dedicate a total of 20 hours in the Marine Gift Shop between July and November for the winter volunteer appreciation party.  It’s pretty easy to do!!

Furthermore, if you make the dedication to the Marine Gift Shop and want to become an Associate – you reap the rewards of a hold shelf, 15% off all items, and 25% off one item! Yes, that includes a discount on those ohh so beautiful ginger jars from Hong Kong! An associate at the Marine Gift Shop commits to 2 shifts a week and one Saturday a month.

What a better way to meet people, socialize and fill in gaps in your resume!!

If you want to go ahead and sign up to be a volunteer.. follow the link below and get started!


We Look forward to seeing you soon in the Marine Gift Shop!!!