Welcome to Okinawa, Japan!  We are excited to welcome you into our diverse and adventurous island paradise community.  

At the Marine Gift Shop our motto is Connect and Contribute.  

Mission: The Marine Gift Shop (MGS) exists to sell various products from local and overseas businesses in order to contribute the profits to Okinawan and American charitable organizations and USMC dependent scholarships.

Vision: To be the place of choice in Okinawa to connect volunteers, employees, vendors and shoppers with opportunities that contribute to local charitable organizations. 

We strive to create a community of diverse talents and perspectives through volunteerism.  We add value to our local community through monetary donations via American  Welfare & Works Association and the Marine Officer Spouses Club Scholarship Fund (MOSCOscholarship@gmail.com) annually.  In addition to monetary donations, we offer employment opportunities and resume skill building opportunities in various areas of business, decorating, and management in the shop. 

Volunteer with us.  We are always looking for volunteers –  from daily shop volunteers, to new volunteer associates to Board of Supervisors members.  Give us 2 hours a month or 20 hours a month. We are just happy to have you.  

We know this move is a big undertaking and we hope that you will find a home with us at the Marine Gift Shop.  We look forward to seeing you in the shop, at a volunteer training or on the beach!

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